Meet Tiffany Mandrake

Tiff recommends Trisha Puddle for more feral doings

Sally says

Tiffany Mandrake is not my evil twin, but more like a closet cousin. That is, Tiff claims to be related to me, but she won't explain exactly how this could have happened. She lives in a cosy, creepy cottage in the grounds of Hags' Abademy of Badness, where she grows dodgy herbs, dances in the moonlight and consorts with critter-fae and bad fairies. She has one of those bald Egyptian Sphinx cats which she calls Speedwell, and I suspect she also has a dragon in her hot water cylinder. About the only things Tiff and I have in common, is that we both write books. She also claims to look like me. I'll leave you to judge that from her portrait, drawn by Martin Chatterton. Write to her, if you dare, at and she might even answer you!


Tiffany says

 Well, I like that! Cousin Sally is not my kind of person (she likes dogs) but do I deny that we are related? I do not! I mean, you've only got to look at us to know our great, great, great, grandmothers were 2nd cousins 57 times removed!





Tiffany's Books

Tiffany Mandrake writes the Little Horrors series about (you guessed it) bad fairies. So far, she has revealed the adventures of Flax the Feral Fairy, Mal the Mischievous Mermaid, Nanda the Naughty Gnome, Tikki the Tricky Pixie, Effie the Outrageous Elf and Weava the Wilful Witch.

Meet the Little Horrors...


Flax Lilykicker is a single bad fairy drowning in a sea of pink fairyfloss at Miss Kisses' Academy of Sweetness for Little Fairies. Then Flax gets a chance to escape... but only if she can win a Badge of Badness.







Mal de Mer is a merchild trying to live up to her family's impressive record of badness. Her sister Sal calls her a little guppy, so Mal decides to prove how Bad she can be.





Nanda Gemdibbler the gnome is convinced she is really a Good Fairy Princess. Oddly enough, no one believes her. They all think she's an ordinary gnome. Nanda's ambition is to join Miss Kisses' Academy so why is the vain little fox-fae trying to get her to go to the ABadAMY instead?  





Tikki Flicker loves to pester the creatures of Pisky Marsh. She loves to annoy the humans of Ballyhaggis. She would really love to attend the Abademy of Badness. The filly-fae thinks she should. But Uncle Sedge has other ideas.






Effie Redwood is tired of hanging with the other

elves. All they ever do is sit about and think deep

thoughts. When Effie gets the chance to join a

human circus, she grab it with both hands.

But is the Big Top circus ready for one outrageous elf?






Weava Charm wants to visit her big sister Merry but an unpleasant surprise awaits her at Brimstone Buildings. Merry is pretending to be human! Can Weava win Merry back to her witchy ways? And can she earn a Badge of Badness?